Install Two WhatsApp Accounts In One Phone Using WhatsFApp

Today WhatsApp is the most commonly used communication application in the world, which is used by its users more than 1 million everyday. Due to its popularity, many developers have modified a new version by updating its code, which we know today as WhatsApp Plus. There is a difference of just modification in WhatsFapp apk, like you get Mods in WhatsFapp, which you can use to modify WhatsApp according to your comfort.GBWhatsapp Download Apk + WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest MOD free Download

Whatsfapp Plus Features

WhatsApp Plus is the best in privacy features. You can control every feature of your WhatsApp with the help of a privacy feature option, such as blocking the last seen and much more.

  • Hide Online Status/Last Seen : In WhatsApp Plus you get a special feature to hide the last seen. After you enable this, your Last Seen will be stuck at a time even if you are chatting with anyone on Whatsfapp apk.
  • Disable Second Tick : After enabling Second Tick option. Whenever someone will message you, there will be a single ticket on WhatsApp, due to which the sender will feel that the message has not been delivered.
  • Disable Blue Tick : Disable Blue Tick: The sender of the message will not be able to know whether the message is read or not. But You will know by Blue Tick that he has read the message.
  • Disable Writing Status : When you type a message the typing status will not be shown.
  • Disable Recording Status : When you record voice message the recording status will not be shown.
  • Hide View Status : When you see the status of someone, your name will not be shown in “Viewed by List”.
  • Anti-Revoke : Once the message is received, they can not delete it using “Delete for everyone Option”.

Whatsfapp Apk Media and Sharing Features

  • Camera : You can capture photo or video from the camera and send it in high quality.
  • Media : You can send any media file like photo, video, gif media file from your gallery or file manager upto 50MB.
  • Location Share : In WhatsApp Plus, you can send your real time location or location with one click.
  • Audio : You can send any audio file upto 50MB.
  • Documents : You can send any Documents file like PDF, XML, TXT, Docs, EXE, APK, etc upto 50MB.
  • Contact : You can share as many contacts as you like.

What’s new in Whatsfapp

  • [ New ] Base Updated to 2.19.17
  • [ Added ] New Emojis
  • [ Added ] You can call Participants in groups
  • [ Added ] Reply in Private from Group (Select any Message in group – Open Options – Reply Privately)
  • [ Fixed ] Crash when search in themes
  • Many More Bugs Fixed

Whatsfapp Apk Download

How to Install WhatsFApp in Same Phone Without Lose Chats, Media Data

If you are installing WhatsApp Plus Apk in your phone, you will have to backup your WhatsApp Chat, which will allow you to use all your chat and media files in WhatsApp Plus.

Make a WhatsApp Backup

Step 1. First of all you have to open whatsapp on the phone, as soon as you open WhatsApp, you will get a “3 dot option” in the upper right side, Here you have to select the Settings option.Latest WhatsApp Plus Apk

Step 2. After going into settings you will get the option of chat which you have to select.GBWhatsapp Download

Step 3. You will get Chat Backup option when you go to chat option. As soon as you go to Chat Backup, you have to click the Backup button and your Chat will begin to back up.How to Install GBWhatsapp Download without losing Chat data

Step 4. After making a backup, you have to uninstall this WhatsApp.

Download and Install WhatsApp Plus Apk

Step 5. Now you have to download the Apk file of WhatsApp Plus, whose download link we have given above.

Step 6. Now you have to install WhatsApp Plus’s apk file that was copied to your phone.How to Install GBWhatsapp Download

Step 7. Once installed, you have to open the WhatsApp Plus and click Accept and Continue button.Accept and Continue WhatsApp Plus

Step 8. Now it will ask you to verify the number of WhatsApp. Now you have to enter the number that you were using on WhatsApp.Enter your number on WhatsApp Plus

Step 9. Once the phone number is verified. It will ask you to restore the data. Now you have to click on restore button to restore the chat.Whatsfapp Apk

Step 10. Once the chat is successfully restore, your WhatsApp will be ready to use. It may take some time to get chat restored, depending on the size of your chat data. So be patient.GBWhatsappToday, in this article, how to download Whatsfapp Apk and how to install it without losing data of WhatsApp chat on your phone. Here we have tried to tell you one step closely. If you still have any problems then you can contact us with the following comment or you can send us a message to our contact us page.

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