How to turn off music automatically on Android

We all love to listen to songs and we all listen to our favorite songs before bedtime and remember those who are near our heart. We all listen to songs at night and sleep while remembering our love. The song on our phone keeps on playing even after we sleep. And when our sleep opens at night, we have to open the phone and shut down the music, due to which our sleep becomes bad and we have difficulty sleeping back after Turn off Music.turn off music on android

Due to this, I found a new Turn off Music – Sleep Timer app for you. By using this app you can turn off any Music Player, Video Player or YouTube App by set your timer in the app. This application is available for 100% free, which can be installed on any Android phone you use. Your Android version should be at least Android Lollipop 5.0 for this application.

What is Interesting features of this Sleep Timer app?

You get some interesting features in this application, which you do not get in other apps like Turn off music, WIFI and Bluetooth manager. The best thing about this app is that I liked its user interface. Which is very easy to use and the designee is also very colorful and some of its unique features are written below.turn off music sleep timer WIFI, bluetooth settings

  • Turn of Music – You get a colorful circle in this application, With this You can set a timer to turn off the music using. And in the middle of that, you get the Timer Start – Stop button with this you can start and stop the timer.
  • Turn off WIFI – On the bottom side you get the button of settings in which you get the option of Turn off WiFi. If you enable this button, Wifi will also be automatically turned off with the music player at your set time – This Option not work on Android 10 and Above because Android Q is not allow to disable WIFI by any 3rd party apps.
  • Turn off Bluetooth – In the Settings button, you gets the Turn off Bluetooth option, by enabling which you can also automatically turn off Bluetooth also with the music player at your set time.

How to TURN OFF MUSIC – Sleep Timer on Android

  1. First of all you have to Install TURN OFF MUSIC – Sleep Timer App from Play Store.
  2. Open the app and then set your time using the circle.How to turn off music automatically on Android for free
  3. Press Start button
  4. That all, If you want to turn off the phone’s WIFI and Bluetooth with Music Player, then enable the WIFI and Bluetooth option by pressing the Settings button.

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In this application, you get to set a timer of turn off music for maximum of 180 minutes. At this time, you can apply timer from 1 Minutes to 180 Minutes in this app, which is enough for night time. If you like this application and you want to add some more features to it, then you can tell by commenting here below or you can also tell by giving a review directly on the play store. So much for this article, if you liked this article then definitely share it further.

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