Snipping tool Windows 10 Professional Tutorials

The Snipping Tool was seen in your Windows 10 as well as in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Snipping Tool is a very powerful tool that gives you the option to take that screenshot and edit that screenshot at the same time. In the edit, you will get many options like Pen, Highlighter and Eraser.Pen Highlighter Eraser Snipping Tool Windows 10 (4)

Types of Snipping Mode

Here you will find four options (Free-form, Rectangular, Window or Full-screen) which have separate functions.

Free-form Mode

In the free-form, you can select an area of ​​your choice by using mouse and take a screenshot of the same area as shown in the lower photo. You can make screenshots in round shape or in any design as you like. As shown in the below photo.Free Form Snipping Tool Windows 10 Techno Planners

Rectangular Mode

As much as area you select by using your mouse, the screenshot of ​​the same area will come in rectangular shape.Rectangular Mode Use Snipping Tool Windows 10 Techno Planners

Windows Mode

In Windows Mode mode, you do not have to select the area. Here only you have to move the mouse cursor to the object whose screenshot you want to take. After selecting object, you have to press the left mouse button on the object and your screenshot will save itself.Windows Mode Snipping Tool Windows 10 Screenshot

Full-screen snip mode

To use full-screen snip, you only have to select the full-screen snip option and the screenshot of the entire screen will be saved on your Computer.Full Screen Mode Snipping Tool Windows 10 Techno Planners

How to open Snipping Tool in Windows?

You have two ways to open the Snipping Tool in Windows.

First Method to Open Snipping Tool

Step 1. First you have to click on the Start menu.

Step 2. After that you have to go all the programs. You will find a folder of accessories in the programs list.

Step 3. In the Accessories folder, you will find lots of tools from which you have to find and open the Snipping Tool.

Alternative method to open Snipping Tool

Step 1. First you open the Start menu.

Step 2. In the Start menu, you will find the Type here to Search bar option. Here you can type Snipping Tool.Snipping Tool Windows 10 (7)

Step 3. After typing, Snipping Tool will come which you can click and open.Snipping Tool with Windows 10

How to use Snipp Tool?

  1. After opening the snipping-tool. Click the down arrow on the New button
  2. From Mode option, Select which type of screenshot you want to take (Free-form, Rectangular, Window or Full-screen).Select Mode on Snipping Tool Windows 10 (10)
  3. Once you select the mode, you have to select the area using the mouse, which you want to take a screenshot.Rectangular Mode Use Snipping Tool Windows 10 Techno Planners

Delay Mode Timer

Delay time mode gets another Amazing option for Windows 10. With this feature Your screenshot will be captured by itself as long as you select a delay time period of time. I am also using this option when i want to take perfect screenshot without any mistake.Delay Timer Snipping Tool Windows 10

Today I have given you all the important information about the snipping tool. This tool of Windows 10 is also available for older Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, which you can use in the same way. If you have any new information related to the article, you can also write it here and update it. Thank you very much for reading this article.

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