Screen Recorder on Windows 10 – Record Screen in 1080P 60FPS

Windows 10 is the latest Windows so far which comes with almost all the features, along with it, Screen Recorder on Windows 10 already comes in. If you want to do Game Streaming then you can use Screen Recorder on Windows 10. In this tutorial I will tell you How to Download, Install and Record Screen on Windows 10 in 1080P with 60FPS for free of cost. For this Tutorial I am going to use OBS Screen Recorder for Windows Display Capture and XBox Streamer with Recorder.Screen Recorder on Windows 10

In this article I am going to tell you two ways. You can choose the best option for yourself from both options and use it. In the first way I use OBS Recorder which is completely free and open source. This OBS software is the most advanced and easy to use. And in another way I will use XBox Screen Recorder which is a screen recorder application and Live Streaming.

Requirement for Screen Recorder on Windows 10

  • OBS Recorder/XBox Screen Recorder
  • Windows 10
  • At least 4GB of RAM for better performance
  • i3 Processor

Download OBS Recorder Software

How to Install OBS Studio on Windows 10 and Setup 1080P 60FPS

  1. You have to Download OBS Recorder software on your PC from above link.

2. Now Install OBS Recorder on your PC.

3. Run Setup on your PC and Click Next button from bottom.obs recorder

4. Click on “I Agree”obs studio term accept

5. Click on Install button from Bottom.Install OBS Studio on Windows 10

6. Leave the box Marked to Launch OBS Studio and click Finish.Run OBS on windows 10

7. If you wish to use the Auto-Configuration Wizard click Yes, otherwise click No and you will need to configure OBS Studio manually via the Settings button. You can always change settings later if required. We have chose to click Yes.Screen Recorder on Windows 10

8. As we want to create a video recording we have select to Optimize just for recording but it is up to you. Choose the option best for you and click Next.

Screen Recorder on Windows 10

9. We have Set Resolution 1920X1080 and FPS-60 the default options and clicked Next.

10. This box will show the results of selected options. Click Apply Settings.Apply OBS Auto Config Settings

11. Finally, OBS Studio launches. Now Click on “+” Mark from the bottom and Select Display Capture.Screen Recorder on Windows 10

Done, Now you can Screen Recorder on Windows 10 PC by Click on Start Recording button from the bottom right corner. You can make changes if you want by going to settings. This is 100% free with amazing features. You can use it for Streaming and Recording in HD.

If you don’t want to install 3rd party software’s then you have to use XBox game Streamer that will start recording game or streaming. You can Launch XBox Screen Recorder by Pressing Windows + ALT + R key at the same time. Once you press the key, It will start recording screen.

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