Screen Recorder on Windows 10 – Record Screen in 1080P 60FPS

Windows 10 is the latest Windows so far which comes with almost all the features, along with it, Screen Recorder on Windows 10 already comes in. If you want to do Game Streaming then you can use Screen Recorder on Windows 10. In this tutorial I will tell you How to Download, Install and Record Screen on Windows 10 in 1080P with 60FPS for free of cost. For this Tutorial I am going to use OBS Screen Recorder for Windows Display Capture and XBox Streamer with Recorder.Screen Recorder on Windows 10

How to Download Windows 10 from Microsoft | Activate Windows 10 with free Product Key

The latest Microsoft Windows 10 is being offer with all the laptops today. Windows 10 comes with the most features like Cortana, Microsoft Store, Cute Interface etc. So people are most likely to like it on their computers.┬áThe price of Windows 10 is around 7000RS due to which many people do not buy it. So today in this article I am going to tech you how to download Windows 10. And How to Activate Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website for free.

Windows 10 comes with 4 edition, which includes Windows 10 Home | Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and last one is Education.

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Feature on Android [Beta]

Today WhatsApp has updated its Finger Print Lock feature, with the help of which you can lock your WhatsApp without using any 3rd party App Lock. This feature was earlier available only to you in Telegram. But today WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock has also updated it. The Beta Program user has just received this Finger Print lock update. If you are