Fixed: Jio call not working but data is working

JIO Calls works with VOLTE (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) features for high quality communication between two phones but sometimes this volte features is not working due to some technical issues. So In this posts i will show you how to fix call not working but data working problem in phone.Jio call not working

This is a common problem for every smart phone users and it will take 1 minute to fix it. So without wasting time we will show some easy steps to fix this call not working but data is working problem.

Method to Solve call not working but data working

  • Phone doesn’t have VoLTE
  • Data network isn’t turned on
  • VoLTE not enable
  • VoLTE show but Calling not working

1. If Phone Doesn’t have VOLTE Connection features

Most of the time, JIO customers comes with this problem of calling. Which is due to the lack of VOLTE support in the phone. If you already have JioVolte’s app installed on your phone, then you have to keep your mobile data ON at all times.

And if you have not used JIO VOLTE App yet, then for this you will have to download the JIO VOLTE App from the Play Store on your phone and with this you will always have to keep your phone’s internet connection ON.

2. Data network isn’t turned on

If VOLTE is not supported on your phone and you still have the problem of calling even after using JIO4G Volte Application. Then you must always keep your phone’s internet data enable so that JIO4G can connect calling.

If the JIO4G app is install in your phone and the call does not come even after Data Connection is turn on, Then you have to restart your phone once so that your data can be start again.

3. VoLTE not enable

Your phone has VOLTE features and even after installing JIO sim, the VOLTE SYMBOL is not visible on your phone, then you have to enable 4G LTE mode or VOLTE option from the Mobile Network available in the phone settings. As soon as this is enable, the VOLTE symbol will start showing on your phone and now you can call not working

4. Jio VoLTE show but call not working

If you are not able to call even after the VOLTE show on your phone, then you will have to restart your phone’s network. For this, you can choose any of the two options given below.

  1. Restart the mobile network by putting the phone in Flight mode
  2. Simply, Restart your phone

Here I have told you some important ways with which you can fix the problem like Jio call not working but data is working. This is the way with which I have fixed the calling problem using my phone. If these methods are not working for you, then tell us your problem by commenting below. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi,
    I downloaded the Jio Call app through WiFi (Jio Fiber). But When I open the app, it shows only a Jio Sim option, whereas the Jio Fiber option is greyed out. Please help.


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