How to Install Pubg PC Lite on any Computer/Laptop

The Pubg game which came in 2018, has become the most popular. Today, the crazy game of this game is played in every house of the world. Today all people like to play this game and it is available on some platforms like Android, iOS and Xbox but seeing its success, it is now preparing to Install Pubg PC on Windows Computer / Laptop.How to Play Pubg PC on Computer Laptop on any Country

PUBG game is available in beta version but this game can only be played in some countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei and Laos. If you are a resident of any of these countries then you can download this game directly. Unless you are a resident of India or another country, then you can play this game using VPN. So let’s see how you can download and install the Pubg PC Lite game on your Computer and PC.

Pubg PC Requirements

  • Pubg PC Setup for PC
  • VPN
  • Fast Internet Connection
  • Computer/Laptop with Minimum of 4GB RAM
  • Minimum Intel HD Graphics

Pubg PC Requirement

How to Install Pubg PC Lite on any Country

Step 1. Download VPN and Pubg PC English Setup

First of all you have to download two files on the computer. First is VPN and the second is Pubg PC setup. Both of these files have the download link given below. You can download it by clicking on it.

Download VPN

Download PUBG PC Lite English

Step 2. Install VPN and Create Account, You can use any VPN software but make sure connect your VPN to Singapore.

  1. After downloading, you have to Install VPN. After installing it, you have to click on the create account from below and it will take you to the website.
  2. On this website you have to click on the sign-up and create a Account.
  3. Once your Account is created, you have to sign-in using same user name on VPNHow to select VPN for Windows
  4. After you sign-in,  you have to connect to VPN Singapore.How to Connect VPN to Singapore

Step 3. Change Time Zone to Singapore

Now you have to change your computer’s time zone to Singapore. To do this, you can change the Time and Date using the control panel Settings.How to change time in windows

Step 4. Install Pubg PC on Computer/Laptop

Once installed, this game will ask you to create an account. If you already have an account, you can also use it. If you do not have a Pubg account, you can easily create it by Clicking on Create my Account.How to create Pubg Lite Account

Step 5. Sign-In Pubg Account and Download Pubg Game

You need to login with this PUBG ID after creating and verify the ID. Once you log in, then this game will start.

  1. You have to click the Install button below to download this game. Its size is 2GB which can take some time to download, depending on your internet speed.Click on Install button to download pubg pc on your computer laptop
  2. Once this game is downloaded, you can play this game by clicking on the Play button.How to Run PUBG PC Lite on Computer Laptop

You can play this game any time after downloading this game. Note: Before turning on this game you must connect the VPN and keep the time set to Singapore. If you do not do this then this game will not run on your computer.

Pubg PC Keyboard Controls Button NavigationHow to Play Pubg PC Keyboard Button Settings

This is a game’s keyboard configuration that you can use to play this game. If you want to change the keyboard settings you can play games in your own way. So that is it for this post please share this post with your PUBG Squad and PUBG lover.

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