How to Install chrome OS on old Laptop and Computer PC

The new Google Chrome operating system, which has been popular for some time, is being preferred by many Windows users today. Earlier you could only use Chrome OS in Chromebook. But today you can install and use it on any windows or DOC base computer. This OS is very light weight and can be easily used on any Windows Computer. So in this article you will learn how you can Install chrome OS on old Laptop and convert Windows PC to Chromebook.chromebook os on any windows pc

Whats you need

  • Cloud Ready Image
  • Minimum 4GB USB Pen Drive/SD-Card
  • Minimum 80GB Hard Disk on your PC
  • Chrome Browser Must be Installed on Any PC

System Specifications Requirement

  1. 4GB and above USB drive
  2. Minimum RAM: 2GB or more
  3. Storage space: 16GB or more
  4. DOC/Windows Base Computer/Notebook/any PC

Warning: Before installing Chrome OS you will have to do a full backup of the computer’s hard disk as it will format the entire hard disk to install Chorme OS and all your data will be deleted.

How to Install Chrome OS on Old Laptop

Step 1. Install Chromebook Recovery Utility on Chrome Browser

  1. Add Chrome Recovery Utility to Chrome: Download Chrome Recovery Utility Application on your Browser and click on Add. After Click on the link it will redirect you to Apps Store
  2. From the Top Right Corner Click on “Add to Chrome” button
  3. Install Utility: it will prompt to add App on your PC.
  4. Launch Chrome Recovery Utility: From the Chrome Apps Launch this tool on your PC.

Step 2. Download Cloud Ready Image

Now you have to download the chrome ready image from the link given below. This image file is about 1GB. Which will download easily.

Download Chrome OS

Step 3. Create the Bootable USB

  1. Run Utility and Click on Gear Icon: After starting the Chrome Recovery Utility application, you should use the use local image option by clicking on the Settings gear icon from above.make bootable chrome os on pc
  2. Browse the downloaded Image: Select the cloud ready image file that you downloaded in step 2.
  3. Connect USB Drive and Click Continue: Once you select Image file, it will prompt to connect a USB pen-drive with the computer. Connect atlest 4GB USB drive.
  4. Process Complete: Once the process is complete, your USB flash drive has become bootlable and you will now be able to use it to install Chrome OS.

Step 4. Boot Chrome OS on PC

  1. Turn off Device: Make sure that the computer on which you have to install Chrome OS is completely turned off.
  2. Connect Bootlable Chrome USB flash drive with the PC
  3. Turn On device in BOOT menu: Now you have to start the computer in boot mode. To do this, you will have to press the boot key repeatedly after pressing the power button. Below you will find the boot menu key of the computer manufacturer.
  4. Cloud Ready Launch: If you press the correct boot key then this screen will show on your computer.

Step 5. Install Chrome OS on PC

  1. Click on Clock button: From the Welcome screen, you have to click on the clock button from the left bottom corner.install chrome os on pc
  2. Install Chrome OS: From here Click on the Install OS button and it will take you to next screen.make bootable pen drive chrome os
  3. Click on Install Cloud Ready: You will be warned to backup all existing data on the device as proceeding with the installation will wipe all data on your device.
  4. Click ERASE HARD DRIVE & INSTALL CLOUD READY: This is final and last step, From this step it will Clean whole hard disk and files and Install Chrome OS on the drive.
  5. Once clicked, chrome OS will start installing on your computer: It may take from 5 to 20 minutes to be installed, so let it be installed. Once installed, you can remove the USB drive and login to your computer with Gmail ID and use it.

My Experience with install chrome os on old laptop

I am using Chrome OS on my old Lenovo Flex 10 laptop, which is working very well. It is much faster than my Windows 8 and quickly my laptop opens in 5 to 4 seconds and I know it works well for browsing. It is running very smooth on my 2GB RAM and Pentium processor and its battery backup is quite good. If you just want to use your laptop for Internet surfing, then this OS is very useful for you and once you should try using it. If you don’t like this OS then you can try Android OS on PC too OR try Google Camera Go on your Android Phone.

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