How to Install Android Pie x86 on Virtualbox

Android x86 developers also start work on Android Pie x86 Project. Android Pie x86 ISO has launched its first version for Laptop and Windows Computers. This Android Pie come from Bliss OS. At this time you can download and try this Android Pie on VirtualBox/Virtual Machine. This Android Pie ISO support Dual Boot which means you can run two operating systems in the same computer at a time.How to Run Android Pie 9.0 x86 on PC

Yes, You can run Android Pie for Computer PC and Windows at the same time with the help of Virtual Box/Virtual Machine. I had installed Android Pie 9.0 . Flex 10 laptop is a touch screen laptop and it is running on Windows 10 operating system. This Flex 10 laptop have very low configuration like 4 GB of RAM and Pentium Quad Core Processor, Due to this reason I could not use it as much as I wanted. So I decided to convert my Flex 10 Windows Laptop to Android Pie Computer.


  • Android x86 Pie ISO
  • Virtual Box/Virtual Machine
  • Windows/MAC/Linux PC

Download Virtual Box

Download Android Pie ISO

How to Install Android Pie on VirtualBOX

  1. Download Android Pie ISO and VirtualBox Machine on your PC from above Link.
  2. Install Virtual Box on Laptop/Computer.
  3. Once Installed, Run Virtual Machine on your PC
  4. Now Click on New Button to Create a new Android Machine.
  5. From here, Select All Option Like Machine Name, Type and Version and Click on Next button as show in below snap.Recommended option for virtual box
  6. Now Allocate RAM size according to your PC Hardware and Click next button. For Example: If your PC Have 4GB of RAM then Allocate 1GB of RAM in Virtual Machine.How to Allocate RAM Memory on Virtual Box
  7. Now It will Ask to Create Virtual Hard Disk, Click on Create button and follow all instructions which are showing on your screen.
  8. Once Virtual Machine Created, Click on Settings.
  9. Now Select Android Pie ISO, For this Click on Settings Then Storage(1) > Click on CD Icon(2) > Click on Choose Virtual Optical Disk File(3). Find and select Android Pie ISO then Click on OK button from Below.
    How to Select ISO Image on Virtual Box
  10. Now Start the Virtual Machine by Click on Start button.How to Start Virtual Machine
  11. Select Installation-Install Bliss-OS to Hard disk and Hit Enter.Install Android Pie on PC
  12. It will prompt to Create/Modify partitions, Select OK and Create Hard Disk Partition.
  13. Once Created, Select sda1 Partition and Hit the Enter button.Select a partition to Install Android x86
  14. Now it will prompt to format Hard Disk Partition select “EXT3” or “FAT32” format and hit Enter.Format Hard disk in EXT3
  15. It will prompt to Format Partition Select Yes and hit enter.Confirmed to format hard disk
  16. Now It will ask “Do you want to install boot loader Grub?”, Select Yes and hit enter.How to Install Grub bootloader
  17. Now It will ask “Do you want to install System Directory as read-write” Select Yes and hit Enter.How to Install System Read-write
  18. Finally It Installed on your System, Now you can Reboot Bliss-OS Android Pie or Directly Run by hit the enter key.How to Run Android after Installing

Imported Notice for Android Pie Virtual Box

After Android is installed, you will have to remove the ISO of Android Pie from the Virtual box otherwise they will be ask to install it back while it is turned on. If your emulator runs slower then you can install Android Pie instead of it directly on your computer with the windows dual boot option. Which means that you can run two operating systems on Android and Windows in the same computer. Try Android Pie on PC with Dual Boot Windows.

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