How to identify a person from a photo using Google Search and Lens

Today a lot of people are posted on social media with lots of fake news. Which is mostly fake. Now it was very difficult to identify a person that the photo of any news is real. Due to this, the most popular search engines Google and yahoo have made some image reverse tools with the help of which we can detect any image. That photo was uploaded for the first time on the internet.

How to find a Person using Just a Picture?

  1. Open the Google Image Search Engine by click on this.
  2. Click on the Camera Image from right corner in the box.How to Identify a person from image
  3. Now it will prompt for selecting an Image, Now Click on Upload an Image and Select Image from your photo and upload on google search
  4. Now this Google search engine will find a picture matching the same, if the person who has uploaded his photo is popular or if he has uploaded a lot of photos on the Internet, then he can find it easily.

METHOD 2: GOOGLE LENS App for identify a person from a photo

  1. Download the Google Photos App which is available on Play Store and IOS App store.
  2. Install this Google Photos on your Android phone or IOS Device
  3. Open the app and Select the photo that you want to identify
  4. Tap on the Google Lens icon from the bottom of the photo menu and that’s itGOOGLE LENS Icon in Google Photos
  5. Google lens will identify the photo and find details about the person or subject in the image.identify a person from a photo

iPhone or iPad users can install the Google photos app. Open a photo that you want to identify and click on the lens icon in the app.

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