How to Fix Lag in BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India game has been released in India. Users are giving equal love to this game like PUBG mobile. Today everyone has shifted to BGMI after PUBG Ban. You do not get to see any major change in this game if we compare with PUBG mobile. Today many people are facing problems regarding graphics and performance of this game like: layers, frame drops, and crashes and in this article we are suggest you some Tips and Tricks about How to Fix Lag in BGMI .Fix Lag in BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile India

I also installed this game on Bluestack emulator but after installing this game started crashing. Today in this article we are going to tell you some such methods, with the help of which you will be able to resolve all these problems.

How to Fix Lag in BGMI

  • Low RAM Issue: If you have less than 6GB of RAM in the phone, then this is also one of the reasons for the lag of the game on your phone. If this is the case then you should close all background before starting BGMI game. If possible use RAM cleaner app to increase RAM space and then play this game.
  • Change in Graphics Settings: In this game, you get some adjustable settings for Graphics and Frame, which you can change according to your hardware. If this game is lagging on your phone. Then you should go to the graphic settings and set the graphics smooth and FPS to 60 or 30.
  • Use GFX Tool: If your phone is rooted then you can increase the performance of graphics and FPS by using GFX Tool. You will find this tool on any website and with this you will also know how to use this tool.
  • Low Internal Space: Today, there is a problem like low space in everyone’s phone, due to which any phone hangs and the application also starts lagging. So you should keep at least 10GB internal storage free in your phone.
  • Clear Cache Memory: Try to clear cache memory of your application, it will help to boost performance.

Here I have told you some ways with the help of which you can Play BGMI game smoothly. Out of this, the option with Change in Graphics Settings works for me. I keep my game’s Graphics settings Smooth and FPS Settings 60FPS, with the help of which my game works smoothly. I do not see any kind of frame drop or lag. You can tell other users by commenting below whether this is a new method.

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