Fix Tencent Gaming buddy lag on PC Computer

Before 2018 Bluestack is most popular and powerful android emulator which is use for Gaming and App installation on PC Computer. However, In 2018 a new emulator is launched for Computer and Laptop which is more stable and powerful for most Computer. With this emulator you have not to configure gaming key like bluestack. But Some users facing lag issue on there PC. So, In this article I will show you How to Fix Tencent Gaming buddy lag on PC Computer and Laptop.How to Fix Tencent Gaming buddy lag

Methods to Solve Tencent Gaming buddy lag

  1. Set your Power Plan mode to “High-Performance Mode”
  2. Use Your Laptop with Power Adapter
  3. In-Game Settings to fix lag in Tencent Gaming Buddy
  4. Change Graphics Settings
  5. Use Turbo Engine Mode To play the games
  6. Enable “Virtualization Mode” in your system

Method 1. Change Power Plan to “High Performance Mode”

By default Laptop running on Balance Power mode for providing long battery life but it will decrees your processor speed. Change your Power Plan to “High Performance”.

  1. Click on Start Menu
  2. Type “Choose a power plan”
  3. Select High Performance Mode
  4. Done

Method 2. Use your Laptop with Power Adapter

If you use your laptop on battery then you must have noticed that your computer is running slow. This is because your computer slows down the speed of the processor adjusting on the battery so that it can save the battery. So we recommended you, Use your Laptop with power when you are play games.

Method 3. Change Tencent Gaming buddy Settings

  1. Change the Graphics Rendering mode to “DirectX+”
  2. Use Dedicated Graphics Card, If available
  3. Enable Render Cache
  4. Set the Processor to the Maximum range.
  5. Change Memory option to the Maximum range
  6. Disable Anti-aliasing mode
  7. Enable Global Render Cache
  8. Enable Render Cache
  9. Change the resolution to default (1024 x 720)
  10. Change Resolution to “SD 720P”
  11. Display option to “Smooth”

Method 4. Change Graphics Settings

  • Graphics mode:- Smooth
  • FPS:- Balance
  • Game Mode:- Colorful
  • Automatically Adjust FPS:- Disable

Method 5. Enable Turbo Engine Mode

To run the games in the Turbo-Engine mode, directly run the games from the Tencent Gaming Buddy home-screen.

Method 6. Enable “Virtualization Mode” in your system

If this option is available for your Mother board then you can use it to boost Computer Performance. It also help to improving your gaming FPS.

How to Enable Virtualization mode in BIOS

  1. Restart your PC
  2. Boot your PC into BIOS mode
  3. Find “Virtualization Technology option” and enable it
  4. Done, Save all settings and Restart your PC.

In this article I am sharing most useful method to fix Tencent Gaming buddy lag on low end PC Computer and Laptop. This method I am using on my HP envy 4 i3 core processor with 4 GB of RAM and my PC run game smoothly in low/Balance PUBG settings. So, try this method for your PC it will help you a lot. If you find any thing helpful please share and comment in comment-box. I am waiting for your Important feedback.

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