Download Pubg Emulator for any PC/Computer/Laptop

Today we are all crazy about Pubg Game but quite a lot of people are not able to play Pubg games due to not having a good configuration phone. Today we will learn how to play this game on any computer or laptop in this article. So without wasting time, Lets see how can you play PUBG games without any graphic card on any Laptop/Computer  using Tencent Pubg Emulator.pubg on emulator


  • Windows/MAC Computer/Laptop
  • Tencent Emulator

How to Install Pubg Emulator on any Computer/Laptop

Step 1. Download Pubg Emulator

First of all you have to Download Tencent emulator on your computer / Laptop. I have given you the download link below which you can download the setup of 8.67 MB.

Download Pubg Emulator

Step 2. Install Tencent Pubg Emulator

Now you have to Install Pubg Games on your computer. The way to install it is very easy. Just Double Click on Downloaded file using mouse and Click on Install Button.Install tencent on windows

Step 3. You have to Click on start button after installing.start pubg after install

Step 4. Once installed, Pubg Game will start downloading itself on your computer. So far, you do not have to make any changes to any pubg on windows

Step 5. Pubg will be start on your computer automatically after downloading.

Step 6. Now when pubg starts, it will ask you to login. Now you can use your old Twitter or Facebook account to login.

Step 7. Done, Now you can Play Pubg on your PC/Computer/Laptop.

Pubg Settings

In Pubg, You will get the option of setting in the side menu bar. From here you have to change some settings according to your Computer Hardware. Below I have told you in detail about what you have to do changes in settings. With the help of these settings on any computer, you can run the game very smoothly. You can also run Pubg PC Lite Lite on your Windows PC.

Tencent Settings for best performance

  • SD 720p Resolution – If your computer does not have any dedicated graphic card like NVIDIA/AMD, then you can select the screen resolution at 720P and keep the display quality on the auto. Keeping this settings will make your game run smoothly.
  • 1080p Resolution – If you have Nvidia or AMD Graphic Card on your computer, then you can play this game in 1080P resolution.
  • Ultra HD 2k – If you have minimum 1060 Nvidia Graphic then you can select Ultra HD 2k option and Set screen resolution HD.

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