Install Modded Games in iOS Devices- Free In-app Purchases- No JailBreak

Today you can also play modded game in iOS Operating System. We are in 2020 and is going on, a lot is possible here today, in the same way you can now download modded games and applications on iOS, iPhone, iPAD today without jailbreak your phone. Now we are going to give some very special information in this article from ios modded games and it will also know how you can download Modded Games.How to download Modded Games in iOS

What is IOS modded games?

People who do not know which games and applications are called modded. It is very important for them to read this paragraph before starting it.

Actually, when the coding of an official game or application is modified and some new features are added to it. Such as adding unlimited coins to games or modifying code in App In-Purchasing and purchasing that item without paying any money. Many such features and options are add so that you can enjoy all the features and mods without spending any money.


  • It will not void your device warranty
  • No Jailbreak/Computer Needed
  • Install PAID Application/Game for free without using PC
  • Safe and secure to download and use

Installing Modded Games Apps in iOS 7 and Above

Step 1. First, Visit and tap on “Regular” as it’s free.

Step 2. Scroll your screen to the bottom and tap on “Download Now” button and when popup appears. hit “Install” button.would like to install

Step 3. Now Go to your “HOME” Screen, you will see “TuTuHelper” application is being installed on your device.

Step 4. Now after opening the “TuTuHelper” application you will get a lot of games and applications. This apps and games is already mod. So all you have to do is download an application or game of your choice on your device.list of game on tutuapp app

In the coming times, we can get to see something very special on the iOS device as well, like today we can do it on android phone. Today we can make any modification in the Android phone, like it can be notify in the upcoming iOS also. So that is it for this article guys. If your are planning to buy Android phone then first check out How to install Android Pie on PC for testing and then decide to buy it. Please Share this ios modded games post with IOS users and give iOS lovers a new modded gift from you.

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