8 Best Secret Torrent Movie Streaming Sites and Client Apps

Today many torrent websites are available on the internet but it is also true that many of them are not safe to use. We know that you are looking for the best torrent website today and today we have done the same thing for you. Finding the best torrent website on the internet, you can read the complete information about these websites and Mobile Apps below.free movie website torrent

List of Best Torrent Movie Streaming Sites and Apps

Before proceeding further, you should take some information about these torrent websites like many torrent websites spread malware, use your computer hardware to do crypto currency mining. And most importantly, it can steal your private data from the computer. If you can face all these dangers then you can move forward.

1. Brave Browser

Brave is a chromium based web browser in which you get a hidden feature of WebTorrent. With the help of WebTorrent feature, you can watch or download any torrent file online. WebTorrent feature is already enabled in this browser, but you can enable OR disable it by going to the settings of your browser.brave web torrent

To watch or download any torrent movie, you have to click on the download link or magnet link of that torrent file. Only after clicking this you have to click on the start torrent button and after that you have to click on the video file. On clicking, your movie will start playing in the small video player, which you can enlarge with the full screen button. If you want to download the movie then you can download it by clicking on the 3 dot button.

2. WebTorrent

WebTorrent is a PC software that you can install on any operating system like Mac, Ubuntu and Windows. It is ready to use as soon as it is installed. With its help, you can watch any torrent movie without downloading it. The quality of the video remains in FULL HD. When you use it, it will feel like you are watching a video or movie on YouTube.

This software is specially designed for torrent streaming and its user interface design is like YouTube. With the help of this app, you can enjoy your movie on the big screen directly on your Smart TV by using Chrome cast feature.

3. BitX Video Player

If you use Android phone then this app is going to be very fun for you. With the help of BitX Video Player, you can use any torrent file or magnet link to stream torrent movies directly to your Android phone without downloading them.

This app gives you the option to cast the movie, with the help of which you can watch the movie on the big screen of your smart TV. This app is available absolutely free, you can download it from below and install it on your phone.

4. Instant.io

Instant.io is a website that is just like a WebTorrent app. You do not need to install Instant.io on any PC, you can open this website on any web browser and enjoy your movie directly. To use it, you have to copy the link or magnet link of any movie, TV show or music from the torrent website and paste that link on this website. By doing this your movie will start in real time.Instant IO

If you want, you can stream this movie directly or you can download it directly to your computer by clicking on the download button. The most important thing about this website is that it is absolutely free to use and you do not get to see any ADS on it. You can open this website on any browser of your operating system like Windows, Mac, Android etc.


TORRENTSTREAMING App is designed for MAC, Windows, Ubuntu OS, with the help of which you can easily watch any torrent movie or video file. For this you have to open the .torrent file in TORRENTSTREAMING Or you can use magnet link. Once the file is selected, your movie will start. Or you can directly drag and drop the .torrent file in the app user-interface.


Soda Player is a torrent video player that lets you stream any torrent movie or video directly. This video player supports almost all video formats, due to which you can watch any movie without any error. The best feature of this soda player is that you get an in-build proxy, due to which you maintain your privacy.Soda Player torrent


WEBTOR is a website with the help of which you can play any torrent movie or web series directly on your Internet browser. For this, you do not have to download or install any software. Just for this you have to open this website and paste the torrent file or magnet link in it and your video will be played directly. Along with this, you will also get the option to download below. With the help of which you can download that video directly.


Torch Browser is an Internet browser that gives you many in-build features such as Torrent Manager, Media Grabber, Torch Player, Torch Music and Games. With the help of which you can download any internet file in one click. Or you can watch the movie online by playing it. If you want to watch or download any torrent movie online, then this browser works for both.

  • Torch Browser gives you many features like Media Grabber. With the help of which you can download any media file directly in one click.
  • WIth TORCH PLAYER you can stream any torrent file or any file online.
  • Torch Music Option, you can listen to songs from all over the world right on your browser.
  • Torch Game, you can play many games on your browser itself.

This is the best website and apps to stream torrent movies or videos online. Using which you can enjoy the movie directly on your laptop and mobile phone without downloading it. But you can also download the movie if you want from there. If you have any other better method that you want to share with us. Then you can tell us by commenting below.

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